・SATREPSマダガスカルプロ共同事業と品種登録に向けた最終評価 ・RICE-CRPに関する共同研究 ・二国間国際共同研究事業MAFF-Germanyに関わる共同事業推進

報告書番号 出張年月 国名 関連プログラム 公表年月日
R03-0017 2021年10月 - 2021年12月 マダガスカル, フランス, ドイツ


In Madagascar I visited variety trials together with the Malagasy variety certification organization (SOC) to inspect our potential lowland rice varieties and it was agreed that two varieties fulfilled the requirements. I therefore proceeded to organize the variety release ceremony which was held on Nov 4 in the presence of the secretaries from the ministries of agriculture and science/education and more than 30 other distinguished guests. The event was covered by the local press in TV, newspapers, and online media. I furthermore organized the official seed production process with involved stakeholders (FOFIFA, JICA-PAPRIZ project, local farmers). At the off-season coastal site, I furthermore selected new breeding lines of a different breeding population.
At CIRAD/France an experiment on phenotyping root traits under constant low P supply in a QTL mapping population was started and harvested 30 days after germination. The phenotyping was conducted in the unique medium-throughput root phenotyping planform called Rhizotron at CIRAD.
At FZJ/Germany I worked with partners on modelling P uptake in relation to rhizosphere pH changes and advised PhD students on their experiments investigating interactions between water availability and soil-P deficiency on root P uptake in upland rice. We optimized their plant growth protocols based on ongoing test experiment and planned activities for the coming year.