1.RICE CRPに関する共同研究共同研究打合せ及び現地圃場視察、2.SATREPSマダガスカルに関する共同研究共同研究打合せ及び現地圃場視察

報告書番号 出張年月 国名 関連プログラム 公表年月日
H31-0447 2020年02月 - 2020年03月 フランス, マダガスカル, ドイツ


1. At CIRAD/Montpellier I met with the manager of the root phenotyping platform “Rhizoscope” to discuss options for using this platform to phenotype one of our rice QTL mapping populations. I further discussed joint activities on Zn biofortification to be conducted in Madagascar together with FOFIFA and HarvestPlus and a workplan for 2020-21 was developed. At Forschungszentrum Juelich (FZJ) I had meetings with three research groups on i) root growth and P uptake modeling, ii) evaluating genotypic differences in P uptake under well-watered versus drought conditions and iii) on root developmental biology.
2. In Madagascar I visited all our field sites to evaluate progress in ongoing experiments and to develop a detailed protocol for harvesting and sample processing. Ongoing experiments include the yield trials of our lowland and upland breeding lines, two F4 breeding line populations and evaluations of tolerance to iron toxicity and of grain Zn concentration. In addition, we had a field and lab/greenhouse demonstration for the JIRCAS auditors visiting Madagascar.