“Research applications/ventures”
Practical application of global research results and establishment of a model platform for promoting private-sector research collaboration and creating new business ventures

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Up until the present, research results/technologies generated by JIRCAS have been mainly disseminated and established by research organizations and government agencies in the relevant target countries. In this way, examples of institute researchers directly utilizing their research results to contribute to their rapid development and dissemination have been limited. In order to respond to the needs of society both domestically and internationally in an accurate and timely manner and in accordance with the “Law on the Revitalization of Science, Technology and Innovation Creation”, JIRCAS has recognized that it is important to promote more actively the societal implementation of research results. This will be accomplished through the creation of research-based business ventures, cooperative work with the private sector, and the licensing of JIRCAS-held intellectual property.


We will establish a business model that will allow us to effectively disseminate our research results and provide incentive to staff researchers to optimize their technologies and bring them to the market both domestically and overseas. 

Research Themes

  • Commercial deployment of shrimp seed production technology towards the realization of a complete closed-cycle aquaculture system 
  • Asian Monsoon Model Plant Factory (for tomatoes, strawberries, and passion fruit)
  • Support and promotion of practical application/societal implementation of research results

Target Countries

Thailand, Japan, Southeast Asian and South Asian countries

Target Beneficiaries

Private and public-sector organizations in major shrimp-producing countries; private and public-sector organizations in Asian monsoon regions; domestic and overseas private enterprises interested in the practical development of JIRCAS-held intellectual property/know-how.

Project Leader

Marcy WILDER (Fisheries Division)



Delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Japan Visits Plant Factory

Counsellor Fabian Tan of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Japan, and three others visited the JIRCAS plant factory at the Tropical Agriculture Research Front (TARF) in Ishigaki City.

Project Leader Marcy Wilder Wins Japan Prize of Agricultural Science / Yomiuri Prize of Agricultural Science

Dr. Marcy N. WILDER, Project Leader of the Fisheries Division, has been selected by the Association of Japanese Agricultural Scientific Societies to receive the 2023 Japan Prize of Agricultural Science / Yomiuri Prize of Agricultural Science.

JIRCAS Exhibit at the Agribusiness Creation Fair 2021

JIRCAS participated in the Agribusiness Creation Fair 2021 organized by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, and held at the Tokyo Big Sight Aomi Exhibition Halls from November 24 (Wed)-26 (Fri), with an exhibition of various research, including wheat that shows high productivity with less nitrogen fertilizer.

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