Establishment of JIRCAS’s First Institute-Related Venture Company
―Utilization of intellectual property and other research achievements relating to land-based aquaculture technology for whiteleg shrimp ―

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Establishment of JIRCAS’s First Institute-Related Venture Company 
―Utilization of intellectual property and other research achievements relating to land-based aquaculture technology for whiteleg shrimp ―


Main Points

  • ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc., a JIRCAS-related venture company, was established on February 8, 2022.
  • This new company will implement consulting and business activities making active use of existing patents, research results, and know-how related to closed re-circulating shrimp aquaculture technology.
  • ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc. will strive to contribute to the domestic shrimp culture industry through the further implementation of land-based aquaculture technology


 JIRCAS is now promoting the establishment of institute-related venture businesses in accordance with its new internal policy as put forth by the “Regulations Pertaining to the Recognition and Assistance of Institute-Related Venture Businesses” (enacted on September 8, 2021). Through these endeavors, JIRCAS aims to contribute in a direct manner to the dissemination/utilization of research results achieved by its research staff. In this regard, JIRCAS has additionally established a system for the support of venture companies, including the use of research facilities and equipment, as well as preferential treatment for patent licensing at the institute’s discretion. ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc. (CEO and Founder: Dr. Marcy N. Wilder), is the first venture company to be approved and established by JIRCAS under this new system; corporate registration was completed on February 8, 2022. ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc. will now develop a consulting business utilizing pre-existing patents, newly-developed intellectual property, and know-how acquired thus far in relation to the development of the Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) and other endeavors.

 JIRCAS, in collaboration with IMT Engineering Inc., succeeded in bringing the ISPS technology into commercial usage for the first time in the world. This technology is based on the application of basic data accumulated through many years of intensive research. In recent years, this technology has been successfully employed to produce consumer-safe domestic shrimp in an environment-friendly manner, starting with the Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture plant established in 2007; currently, a larger-scale facility is being constructed in Iwata City, Shizuoka Prefecture. JIRCAS expects that the use of the ISPS and its other technologies will contribute to the further growth of the domestic land-based shrimp aquaculture industry.
 On the other hand, in order to truly achieve a sustainable land-based aquaculture industry, it is necessitated to establish seed production technology that can serve Japan’s domestic needs. In light of the growing domestic/international interest in re-circulating aquaculture, ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc. is giving consideration to the use of closed re-circulation technology in regard to this endeavor. In this way, JIRCAS expects that ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc. will be able to contribute to achieving a stable domestic whiteleg shrimp aquaculture industry based on land-based aquaculture methodology, through its consulting and research activities related to not only water quality management and feeding strategy, but also to research in progress on shrimp physiology and biochemistry.

For Inquiries

JIRCAS President : KOYAMA Osamu
Program Director : IIYAMA Miyuki (Information Program)
Researcher-in-charge : Marcy WILDER (Fisheries Division)
Press Coordinator : OMORI Keisuke (Head, Information and Public Relations Office)

Whiteleg shrimp produced at the Indoor Shrimp Production System (ISPS) plant in Myoko City, Niigata Prefecture

ShrimpTech JIRCAS, Inc.

Left : Dr. Marcy N. Wilder (CEO and Founder)
Right : Dr. Bong Jung Kang (Vice-President)

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