Strengthening function as an international hub for providing strategic information on agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and mobilizing new research partnerships

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  • “Information hub”
    • Strategic information hub for international agricultural research
  • “Research applications/ventures”
    • Practical application of global research results and establishment of a model platform for promoting private-sector research collaboration and creating new business ventures
  • “Digital agriculture”
    • Towards the development of digital agriculture technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • “Tropical crop genetic resources”
    • Advancement of tropical crop genetic resources utilization through the development of database, technologies and research networking

Related JIRCAS Report

JIRCAS and FAO Liaison Office in Japan Exchange Views on Strengthening Cooperation

The Director of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Liaison Office in Japan, Ms. HIBI Eriko, and Senior Advisor MITSUGI Hiroto visited JIRCAS on April 16, 2021 and exchanged opinions on strengthening cooperation with President KOYAMA Osamu and JIRCAS Special Advisor Dr. IWANAGA Masa.



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    288. Resource Security and Poverty Eradication

    A paper published in Nature Sustainability in April 2021 discussed the importance of resource security in poverty eradication. According to this study, human demand for natural resources increasingly outstrips the speed of the Earth's biological recovery. As a result, the capacity of ecosystems to regenerate biomass has become a material constraint for human economies. The analysis showed that as of 2017, almost 72% of the world's population lived in countries where the supply of biological resources does not meet demand, and low-income countries were trapped in a situation called an ‘ecological poverty trap’.

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    287. Climate Change Summit Momentum

    At the Climate Change Summit hosted by the Biden administration in late April 2021, a number of countries updated their greenhouse gas reduction targets. According to the Climate Action Tracker, which is run by a group of researchers who estimate the effect of limiting temperature rise based on countries' greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, taking into account recent commitments, temperature rise by the end of the 21st century could be limited to 2.4°C. However, the Paris Agreement's 1.5°C goal will require further greenhouse gas emission reductions.
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    286. Science and Technology and the Food System

    The Nobel Prize Summit "Our Planet, Our Future" was held online on April 26-28, 2021 providing a venue where scientists discussed the importance of action and collaboration in addressing global challenges such as climate change and biodiversity loss. A mini-special lecture presented at the recent JIRCAS Open House, which was held in conjunction with the Science and Technology Week, discussed the actions needed for planetary health based on the development of food systems and science and technology since the 20th century.
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    285. Addressing Low Fertilizer Inputs and Nutrient-poor Soils for Improving Rice Production in Africa

    In Africa, there are large differences in topography and soil conditions even within a very small region, creating large variations in the yield response to a certain amount of fertilizer recommended within the region and reducing the efficiency of fertilizer use. In response to this, recent attempts have been made to develop decision-making tools for pinpointing and implementing appropriate fertilizer applications using drones and other remote sensing technologies to determine differences in soil conditions within a region at low cost. A JIRCAS paper published in Plant Production Science in 2019, provides a comprehensive review of the problems of insufficient fertilizer inputs and nutrient-poor soils in rice production in Africa, as well as measures to improve them, and received the 18th Japanese Society of Crop Science Best Paper Award.

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    284. Fruits and Vegetables: Input from the United Nations Food Systems Summit Scientific Group

    The United Nations Food Systems Summit will be held in New York in September 2021. The Scientific Group consisting of leading researchers and scientists from around the world, which has been set up to support the process leading to the summit, has published a brief entitled “Fruits and Vegetables for Healthy Diets: Priorities for Food System Research and Action”, providing views and actions on making fruits and vegetables more available, accessible and desirable.