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Stable Agricultural Production

Technology development for stable production of agricultural products in the tropics and other adverse environments

Aimed toward promoting food production and improving nutrition in the world including Africa, this program seeks to develop technologies and verify them in the fields through collaborative research with local institutions and international research centers especially in developing regions including the tropics where productivity potential has not been maximized because of low fertility or adverse environments.

The program also aims to disseminate the developed technologies to crop scientists/ plant breeders, government officials, and farmers by preparing manuals or explanatory articles. More specifically, the following priority research will be carried out:

In Africa, technologies that utilize the diversity of food crop genetic resources will be developed. Crop breeding materials that adapt to unfavorable environments, have high productivity, and cater to local preferences will be also developed. Cropping and raising systems will be improved through efficient utilization of local resources including water and organic matter.

Basic technologies will be developed toward the breeding of highly productive crops to be able to cope with adverse conditions including low soil fertility, drought, and salinity. Furthermore, new breeding materials including high biomass crops will be developed, evaluated, and applied in the fields of developing countries.

Toward the control of insect pests and diseases migrating to and expanding in our country, control and prevention methods will be developed based on ecological studies of migrating insect pests or vector insects. Crop cultivars resistant to diseases will be developed using the research networks that have been established by JIRCAS.

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Cowpea germplasm database focusing on grain quality-related traits is now ready for access

The “EDITS-Cowpea” project is one of JIRCAS initiatives that have been implemented to generate fundamental scientific information to promote better utilization of the wide genetic diversity of this crop in breeding programs and crop utilization. Based on the information generated through the project, we have created the "EDITS-Cowpea database" (http://www.jircas.go.jp/en/database/edits-cowpea/introduction).


Debrief Meeting on the Collaborative Research for Sugarcane Improvement between JIRCAS-KKFCRC, Thailand

JIRCAS has been implementing the collaborative research project on sugarcane improvement entitled “Development of new type of sugarcane with better performance under adverse agricultural environments by using wild relatives (EDITS-Cane Project)” with Khon Kaen Field Crops Research Center (KKFCRC), Department of Agriculture (DOA), Thailand since 2011. This project aimed at developing efficient breeding techniques to utilize wild germplasm and sugarcane breeding materials through inter-specific and inter-generic hybridizations.