In 2021, Japan formulated the Strategy for Sustainable Food Systems, “MIDORI” which aims to enhance agricultural productivity potential and sustainability through innovation as a new approach for sustainable food systems. In line with this strategy, the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) was assigned to implement a project “Accelerating application of agricultural technologies which enhance production potentials and ensure sustainable food systems in the Asia-Monsoon region” and implement this project under the name of “Green Asia”.

The International Center for Strategy "MIDORI" was established under the project. In collaboration with domestic and overseas research institutes, the center will facilitate collection, analysis and sharing of existing and latest information on agricultural, forestry and fisheries technologies under the advice from the International Scientific Advisory Board for Strategy “MIDORI”. 

This website of the International Center for Strategy "MIDORI" compiles and provides useful information and agricultural technologies in various form, such as reports, databases, dashboards and so on. 

We hope that the activities of the center will be used by various stakeholders working in the agriculture forestry and fisheries sectors and contribute to the successful food systems transformation achieving both enhanced the production potentials and ensured sustainability in various parts of the Asia-Monsoon region.