First Meeting of the International Scientific Advisory Board for Strategy “MeaDRI”

Since the start of FY2022, JIRCAS has been working on the project “Accelerating application of agricultural technologies which enhance production potentials and ensure sustainable food systems in the Asia-Monsoon region” [1], as an implementing agency for the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). Under the project name of “Green Asia”, it aims to accelerate the application of Japanese agricultural, forestry and fisheries technologies in the Asia-Monsoon region.

Under this project, we plan to collect and analyze promising Japanese scalable agricultural technologies, disseminate technical information that can be shared in the Asia-Monsoon region, and conduct joint research for application in various countries of the region by utilizing the international network of JIRCAS.

In order to obtain advice on these activities, the first meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board for Strategy “MeaDRI” was held in Tokyo on October 25, 2022.

After the opening remarks of Mr. Ogawa, Vice-Minister for International Affairs of MAFF, an overview of the Sustainable Food Systems Strategy “MeaDRI” [2] was presented by MAFF, and JIRCAS gave a background and activities of the “Green Asia” project. The advisory board members then gave their expert opinions on how to approach the project, including the collection, analysis, and dissemination of research results information and applied research.

The Asia-Monsoon region shares many characteristics with Japan, such as high temperature and humidity, rice-based agriculture, and a high percentage of small- and medium-scale farmers. From this point of view, among the technologies and ideas developed to transform the food systems in Japan, many of them are supposed to be applicable to the Asia-Monsoon region. Based on the advice and comments of the advisory board members, we plan to develop a system for international collaboration, disseminate information, and promote joint research utilizing the networks of JIRCAS and other research institutions in Japan. Through these efforts, we will accelerate the application of  scalable agricultural technologies to the region and contribute to the transformation of the food system in the Asia-Monsoon region.




Group photo, Board members

Meeting scene

Opening remaks from MAFF

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