Technology Catalog Contributing to Production Potential and Sustainability in the Asia-Monsoon Region

Current version 2023.09.29

Among the technologies developed to transform the food systems in Japan, there are technologies applicable to the Asia-Monsoon region, where we share similar features such as high temperature and humidity, paddy-rice based agriculture, and a high proportion of small and medium-sized farmers.

As part of the activities of Green Asia and in cooperation with other research institutes concerned, we have developed the “Technology Catalog Contributing to Production Potential and Sustainability in the Asia-Monsoon Region”, a compilation of applicable technologies which were developed in Japan or through international collaboration over the past 10 years and are expected to contribute to the establishment of sustainable food systems in the region.

We hope that this catalog will serve as a reference to various stakeholders in the Asia-Monsoon region, including government officials, researchers, extension officers, producers, and the private sectors. We also hope that the technologies in this catalog will be demonstrated and implemented on the ground through optimization and coordination in various regions, thereby helping in transformation of the food systems among countries in the Asia-Monsoon region.

Contribution Area
Industry Commodity Status Technologies Contribution areas Institution
Agriculture Paddy rice Implementation “Prolonged midseason drainage” in paddy fields for maintaining agricultural production and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions GHG emission reduction NARO
Agriculture Paddy rice Implementation "Paddy Field Dam" that reduces flood damage downstream while maintaining agricultural production Climate disaster mitigation NARO
Agriculture Paddy rice Demonstration Monitoring saline intrusion in rivers near paddy fields using satellite data Climate disaster mitigation JIRCAS
Agriculture Disaster prevention Implementation “Disaster prevention support system for irrigation pond” to predict flood risk and share disaster information Climate disaster mitigation NARO
Agriculture Field crop Implementation Underdrain-drilling machine “Cut Drain”: Easy construction of subsurface drainage without additional materials Climate disaster mitigation NARO
Agriculture Paddy rice, Upland rice Demonstration International differential system to protect the rice production against rice blast diseases Chemical pesticide reduction JIRCAS
Agriculture Sugarcane Implementation Propagation and distribution system of healthy seedcane as control measures against sugarcane white leaf disease Chemical pesticide reduction JIRCAS
Agriculture Paddy rice Demonstration, Implementation Smart production systems contributing to productivity improvement in paddy rice cultivation Labor productivity enhancement NARO
Agriculture Agricultural machinery Demonstration, Implementation Smart agricultural machinery in compliance with the Common Communications Standard (ISOBUS) Labor productivity enhancement NARO
Agriculture Passion fruit Implementation A simple shoot-tip grafting practical method for virus-free passion fruit propagation at the farm level Labor productivity enhancement JIRCAS
Agriculture Paddy rice Implementation Information and communication technology-based water management system for reducing agricultural water usage, agricultural labor, and electricity Resource management, Labor productivity enhancement NARO
Agriculture Paddy rice Demonstration Greenhouse gas emission reduction technology with the combination of biogas effluent application and multiple drainage in a rice paddy GHG emission reduction JIRCAS
Forestry Timber Demonstration, Implementation Identification of wood species and provenance of timber to promote trade of legal timber Resource management FFPRI
Fisheries Blood cockles Demonstration A simple calculation method of biological indices for blood cockle resource management through aquaculture fishing ground selection and harvest time determination Resource management JIRCAS
Fisheries Tropical sea cucumber Demonstration Utilizing coconut fiber for the recovery of tropical sea cucumber resources Resource management FRA, OFCF Japan
Fisheries Fisheries Demonstration Smartphone application to collect coastal fisheries and environmental information for adaptation to changes in the marine environment (FishGIS) Resource management FRA, PICES
Forestry Dipterocarp timber Demonstration An improvement method of selective logging criteria for dipterocarp timber species to maintain healthy tropical rainforests Resource management, Forest conservation JIRCAS
Forestry Forest Implementation Easy-to-do monitoring method for soil erosion risk to maintain high productivity and water and soil conservation functions of forests Forest conservation FFPRI
Agriculture Sugarcane Implementation TPJ04-768: A new sugarcane cultivar with high fiber (bagasse) productivity Biomass utilization JIRCAS
Agriculture Erianthus Implementation JES1: A new Erianthus cultivar for biomass production Biomass utilization JIRCAS, NARO
Fisheries Freshwater aquaculture fish Demonstration Aquaculture feed with the black soldier fly larvae easily grown from fruit residues as a protein source Biomass utilization JIRCAS
Fisheries Penaeidae Demonstration A new aquaculture method of giant tiger prawn to improve profitability by utilizing unused biological resources as supplementary live feeds Biomass utilization JIRCAS
Agriculture Paddy rice Demonstration A method to estimate the reduction in life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation caused by the use of alternate wetting and drying GHG emission reduction JIRCAS
Livestock Livestock Implementation Simple and highly sensitive detection kits for foot-and-mouth disease virus that can be used in the Asia-Monsoon region Transboundary disease prevention NARO
Food processing Fermented rice noodles Implementation Maintaining an acidic condition can prevent liquefaction of fermented rice noodles Food loss reduction JIRCAS
Agriculture Greenhouse horticulture Demonstration Energy-saving low-carbon technology in greenhouse horticulture utilizing thermal energy in irrigation canals GHG emission reduction NARO
Livestock Livestock Demonstration, Implementation Technologies for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from livestock waste GHG emission reduction NARO
Livestock Livestock Demonstration Mitigation of methane emissions from local cattle using cashew nut shell liquid feeding GHG emission reduction JIRCAS
Agriculture Agricultural residues Demonstration Low-cost, high-efficiency production of CH4 and H2 from agricultural residues through microbial saccharification and bio-methanation GHG emission reduction, Biomass utilization JIRCAS
Agriculture Oil Palm Demonstration Utilization by “Multi-Biomass Treatment Process” of unused biomass discharged from the palm oil industry GHG emission reduction, Biomass utilization JIRCAS
Agriculture Wheat Demonstration Biological nitrification inhibition maintains wheat yield with reduced nitrogen fertilizer application GHG emission reduction, Chemical fertilizer reduction JIRCAS