JIRCAS with ERIA presented a new joint pilot study on technology diffusion at the ASEAN Agricultural R&D Meeting


On April 25th, an open session was held for ASEAN stakeholders during the 18th ASEAN Technical Working Group on Agricultural Research and Development (ATWGARD) meeting in Singapore, where development partners provided inputs to ATWGARD representatives from ASEAN countries. During the session, JIRCAS with ERIA introduced a pilot study, titled “Exploring the Adoption of Technologies from the Technology Catalog Contributing to Production Potential and Sustainability in the Asia-Monsoon Region in ASEAN Countries,” to be conducted jointly with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA).

As part of the Green Asia  project activities, the Technology Catalog (Ver 2.0) was developed in September 2023. To promote wider adoption of the technologies in the Asia-Monsoon region, it is essential to have information on which countries or regions within countries could effectively apply these technologies. Therefore, in collaboration with ERIA, JIRCAS outlined a plan to select several ASEAN countries with high adoption potential and collect various statistical data, focusing on two specific technologies with high potential for dissemination: “Cashew nut shell liquid feeding for reducing GHG emission” and “Technology for maintaining an acidic condition to prevent liquefaction of fermented rice noodles.” Based on the collected data, JIRCAS explained that the study will estimate the extent of environmental impact mitigation when applying these technologies, and asked for cooperation from the ASEAN countries in this endeavor.    

Presentation by JIRCAS at the 18th ASEAN ATWGARD

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