報告書番号 出張年月 国名 関連プログラム 公表年月日
R03-0016 2021年11月 - 2021年12月 マダガスカル


Our Project aims to develop cultivars suitable for Madagascar agro-ecological conditions. The field performance of selected rice breeding lines developed at JIRCAS has been evaluated in farmer’s fields of several rice producing areas of Madagascar. I, therefore, traveled to Madagascar from Nov 19 to Dec 29, 2021 to establish field experiments for the cross population from the donor GP1103 and the local variety X265. The main objective is to confirm the effect of a previously reported total panicle QTL under field condition. In addition, together with our project counterparts (C/Ps) we have sown a set of selected breeding lines (under low- and up-land condition) to confirm both their field performance (yield), and suitability for the producing area using a farmer participatory approach (for variety selection). Furthermore, we have installed new equipment (distilled water machine, autoclave machine and small fume hood) to enhance the local research capability in our Project laboratory.