報告書番号 出張年月 国名 関連プログラム 公表年月日
H30-0281 2018年10月 - 2018年11月 マダガスカル


We have selected three different rice producing areas of Madagascar to evaluate our experimental lines, for the 2018-2019 main cropping season. Together with our project counterparts (C/Ps), we have sown a set of selected breeding lines to confirm their field performance, and to compare them against local varieties. Furthermore, we have selected genotypes from a genome-wide association studies (GWAS-2017-2018 season), and sown them to confirm the positive effect of putative QTLs related to grain yield. All experimental lines were sown on raised-bed soil at farmer fields. In addition, I have attended the 3rd TCC Project meeting to present and discuss our result, and to exchange ideas on subsequent plan. Furthermore, we have finalized the renovation design of the greenhouse allocated to our Project.