Breakthrough in Nutrient Use Efficiency for Rice by Genetic Improvement and Fertility Sensing Techniques in Africa




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  • The 124nd Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture (2018.9, Kyoto) 
    Naoki Moritsuka, Kensuke Kawamura, Yasuhiro Tsujimoto, Michel Rabenarivo, Andry Andriamananjara, Tovohery Rakotoson, Tantely Razafimbelo           
    Reproducibility and compatibility of visual and instrumental measurement of soil color
  • The 82nd Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association (2018.9, Sendai)
    Psychological Measurement of Motivation in Development Aid Projects:Findings and Challenges from a Farmer Training Program in Madagascar
  • 6th symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants, PSP6(Belgium, Leuven)
    Tomohiro Nishigaki、Yasuhiro Tsujimoto, Seheno Rinasoa, Tovohery Rakotoson, Andry Andriamananjara, Tantely Razafimbelo
    P uptake of rice plants are highly related to the soil P forms and oxalate-extractable Al and Fe in the typical P-deficient soils of Madagascar
  • 6th symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants, PSP6(Belgium, Leuven)   
    Seheno Rinasoa, Tovohery Rakotoson, Yasuhiro Tsujimoto, Lilia Rabeharisoa, Matthias Wissuwa
    Potential of nursery phosphorus micro-dosing in lowland rice production in Madagascar
  • 6th symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants, PSP6(Belgium, Leuven) 
    Rakotoson, T., Tsujimoto, Y.   
    Effects of farmyard manure and soil characteristics on soil-plant P dynamics in submerged rice
  • 6th symposium on Phosphorus in Soils and Plants, PSP6(Belgium, Leuven)    
    Andriamananjara, A., Kawamura, K., Rabenarivo, M., Asai, H., Rakotoson, T., Tsujimoto, Y.  
    Estimating oxalate P of paddy soils in Madagascar using Vis-NIR reflectance spectroscopy


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    Tsujimoto Y., ~Excitement and headaches in field studies~, For the crop production in Africa.
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  • OralPresentation: Japanese Agricultural Systems Society (JASS) 2017 Spring Meeting, June 2017, Niigata Univ., Kawamura, K., Tsujimoto, Y., Asai, H., Rabenarivo, M., Andriamananjara, A. and Rakotoson, T. Laboratory spectroscopy for estimating total nitrogen and total carbon contents of soils in Madagascar.


  • 第2回農学中手の会研究集会 口頭発表(2016.11、雄琴市)Oral presentation: 2nd gathering of middle aged agronomist, Nov. 2016, Ogoto-city, Shiga,
    Tsujimoto Y., Agricultural struggle in Africaアフリカで農業と格闘する~Work at the field.生産現場での取り組み
  • 2016年度土壌肥料学会 口頭発表(2016.9、佐賀大学)Oral presentation: 2017 annual meeting, Japanese society of soil science and plant nutrition, Sep. 2016, Saga Univ., Tsujimoto Y. and Rakotoson T.
  • 第2回植物の栄養研究会 口頭発表(2016.9、名古屋市)