"Yama-Sato-Umi agroecosystem connectivity"
Development and evaluation of environmental conservation technologies for tropical islands through an approach emphasizing Yama-Sato-Umi (Ridge-to-reef agroecosystem) connectivity

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Tropical islands are vulnerable to the effects of climate change and natural disasters, and inappropriate land and water use is causing environmental degradation and impacts on the ocean. Specifically, environmental problems such as deforestation of forests and mangroves, soil runoff from agricultural land, and nutrient runoff from chemical fertilizers and animal feed are occurring. As the saying goes, "The forest is the lover of the sea," mountain villages and the sea are closely related through material cycles and human activities. In particular, on islands where the distance from the mountains to the sea is short and continuous, it is necessary to work on mountain villages and seas in an integrated manner.


We will develop and demonstrate technologies that contribute to soil runoff control and nutrient load reduction through the appropriate management of environmental resources and effective utilization of biological resources in the mountains, villages and seas, and quantify the environmental conservation effects such as improvement of river water quality on islands by introducing these technologies using a watershed model.

Research Themes

  • Development of environmental load reduction and resource circulation technologies for mountains, villages and seas of tropical islands
  • Environmental assessment of nutrients and soils in the watersheds of tropical islands and clarification of the conditions for introducing the technology

Target Countries

Philippines, Japan (Ishigaki Island)

Target Beneficiaries

Agricultural, mountainous and fishing area workers; local residents; people in-charge of agriculture, forestry, fisheries and environmental policies in local governments and agencies

Project Leader

ANZAI Toshihiko (Tropical Agriculture Research Front)


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Philippine Sugar Regulatory Administration Officials Visit JIRCAS

On March 24–30, 2024, JIRCAS welcomed visitors from the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) of the Department of Agriculture of the Philippines. Ms. Ma. Mitzi V. Mangwag, Board Member and Acting Administrator, together with Atty. Ignacio S. Santillana, Deputy Administrator, visited the Tropical Agricultural Research Front (TARF) in Ishigaki Island and JIRCAS Headquarters in Tsukuba. JIRCAS and SRA are collaborating on three projects: ‘Climate change measures in Monsoon Asia,' ‘Yama-Sato-Umi agroecosystem connectivity', and 'Tropical crop genetic resources.'

Sandagakuen Senior High School Explore "Ishigaki Island SDGs Program" at TARF

On Monday, January 22, 2024, 64 students in 11th grade from Sandagakuen Senior High School in Sanda City, Hyogo Prefecture, visited the Tropical Agriculture Research Front (TARF). The school is conducting a tour of institutions relevant to their "Ishigaki Island SDGs Program”.

Event Co-hosted by KAKENHI Integrated Sciences for Sustainable Human-Aqua Environment Project and JIRCAS Supported by Ishigaki City Explores the Future of Ishigaki Island

Organized by KAKENHI Integrated Sciences for Sustainable Human-Aqua Environment Project and JIRCAS under the cooperation of Ishigaki City, a workshop was held to discuss the future of Ishigaki Island. Participants were invited from sectors in agriculture, environment, tourism, education, and high school students in Ishigaki City. A following public seminar presented various research efforts focusing on the water cycle and the result of the workshop. Many thanks to those who participated in the workshop and the seminar!!

Press Release

Event, Symposium

- (JST)
Exploring TARF Research in Ishigaki Island ! ~The 17th TARF Online Lecture~
50th TARF Public Lecture
―How Research Contributes to the Sustainable Development of Agriculture on Ishigaki Island ―
Ishigaki City Health and Welfare Center 
(1357-1 Aza Tonoshiro, Ishigaki City, Okinawa 907-0004)

Field Information

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    637. Mushroom Day

    Tomorrow, October 15, is "Mushroom Day" in Japan. A research project of JIRCAS aims to conserve forests in the Philippines and other tropical islands by increasing their value through the combined cultivation of non-wood forest products such as mushrooms, fruit trees, and valuable tree species in mountain areas where forests have been cut down and soil erosion has occurred.

Research Highlights