報告書番号 出張年月 国名 関連プログラム 公表年月日
H27-0583 2016年02月 - 2016年03月 フィリピン


At the low-Zn field of IRRI we phenotyped IR64 near isogenic lines differing on root angle. A second experiment confirmed a QTL for crown root number under Zn deficiency. Data was further analyzed and included in a new manuscript.
The BBSCR-SCPRID project on Zn deficiency held a final project meeting. We discussed measurements to be taken in ongoing experiments and designed one last experiment to test hypotheses on a new tolerance mechanism. We furthermore divided responsibilities for developing a final set of manuscripts between the four project partners.
I received training in the use of a database “SNPSeek” that contains the sequence data of the four complete rice sequences available, and is capable to align all the SNP polymorphisms of the 3000 rice genomes sequenced through IRRI. We further discussed how to select subsets from the 3000 genomes and how to export such subsets to my project partners in Africa.