"Carbon recycling"
Development of carbon recycling technologies to address global issues caused by agricultural waste

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Although utilization of huge amount of agricultural waste generated from tropical agriculture in developing countries as compost is ideal, in reality, it is a risk factor for climate change that affects crop yields and health due to indiscriminate and improper treatment and disposal such as abandonment in farms. Therefore, it is necessary to establish technologies and social systems that promote the recycling of agricultural waste. 


We will develop a carbon recycling technology that uses algae and microorganisms to convert C1 compounds of CH4 and CO2 produced from agricultural waste etc. into resources. 

Research Themes

  • Development of technology to accelerate carbon recycling using algae and microorganisms
  • Assessing the global environmental impacts caused by abandonment of crop residues in agricultural fields
  • Social implementation of carbon recycling technology to solve global issues brought about by agricultural waste

Target Countries

Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand 

Target Beneficiaries

Local communities in Asian countries with agricultural waste problems, governmental organizations involved in global warming countermeasures and policies, international organizations such as IPCC and COP involved in climate change mitigation, signatories of the bilateral credit system, farmers, companies, and governmental organizations involved in tropical plantation agriculture, and companies pursuing the bioenergy and biomaterial sectors 

Project Leader

KOSUGI Akihiko (Biological Resources and Post-harvest Division)


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The Future of the Palm Oil Industry: Biomass Utilization and Sustainability Initiatives
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