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【JIRCAS Mail Magazine No.21 (July 2021)】
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JIRCAS Starts the Fifth Medium to Long-term Plan
 From April 1, 2021, JIRCAS has started the five-year period of its Fifth Medium to Long-term Plan (FY2021 to 2025) which also coincided with the renewal of the administrative organization. Mr. KOYAMA Osamu, the former Vice President of JIRCAS, has been appointed as the new President and successor of Dr. IWANAGA Masa.

Also in line with the celebration of the JIRCAS 50th anniversary in 2020, we have launched the "Pick up” section in our website to provide overview of news and topics related to climate change, food security and other global issues, as well as to introduce our research activities. Please check the latest articles at:

■ Latest topics
● Two proposals from JIRCAS have been provisionally selected for FY 2021 SATREPS (Science and Technology Research Partnership for Sustainable Development) project
1. Strengthening Tropical Forest Resilience Based on Management and Utilization of Genetic Resources Capable of Climate Change Adaptation
2. Establishment of Nitrogen-efficient Wheat Production Systems in Indo-Gangetic Plains by the Deployment of BNI-technology

● Proceedings of JIRCAS-FFTC International Rice Blast Workshop Now Available
Please download from the FFTC website.

● BNI technology was featured in the “Green Food System Strategy” to achieve both productivity and sustainability of food, agriculture, forestry, and fisheries industries through innovation.

● Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Burkina Faso Visits JIRCAS

● Publication of “Silage and Fermented TMR - Preparation Manual” for the tropical and subtropical regions with dry season

■ Events
● Launching Event of OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook
The FAO Liaison Office in Japan, in cooperation with JIRCAS, hosted a webinar-style event on July 14, to commemorate the publication of the OECD-FAO Agricultural Outlook 2021-2030. More than 250 participants, not only from Japan but also from 15 other countries, including Germany and the United States, attended the webinar.

● JIRCAS-Sponsored International Symposium on Sustainable Land Management in Burkina Faso Successfully Held on May 17-20

■ Awards
● Dr. KAWAI Kiyosada Receives the 25th Kira Award of the Japanese Society of Tropical Ecology
Dr. Kawai's achievement was recognized for its clarification of the importance of leaf shape in environmental adaptation in tropical montane forests, where research has lagged behind, and for providing basic knowledge for environmentally adaptive forestry.

● Project Leader Tsujimoto Receives the 18th Japanese Society of Crop Science Best Paper Award
The paper titled “Challenges and opportunities for improving N use efficiency for rice production in sub-Saharan Africa”

● Project Leader Marcy Wilder Receives the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science Award
The award was in recognition of Dr. Wilder’s achievements in developing and transferring useful new aquaculture technology which have received much recognition in terms of international research and social contributions.

■ New technologies and research highlights from FY2020
【 Program A : Environment and Natural Resource Management】
● Mitigation of methane emissions from Vietnamese local cattle (Lai Sind) by cashew nut shell liquid (CNSL) feeding

● Potential mitigation of life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from rice cultivation by alternate wetting and drying (AWD)

● Monitoring saline intrusion in the Ayeyarwady Delta, Myanmar, using satellite data

● Soil oxidation conditions during the initial growth period of ratoons could contribute to improve the yield performance of ratoons

● Silage preparation improves feed utilization of sorghum and pearl millet stover

● Providing information on collaborative behaviors is important for communal forest management in Ethiopia

● Modified conservation agriculture for taro production in combination with spot excavation by gas-powered apparatus and organic mulch

● Nitrogen leaching and growth of sugarcane under different nitrogen fertilization levels in a subtropical island

● Brachiaria reduces nitrification rate through inhibition of Ammonia-oxidizing archaea in inter-plant soil

● The optimum application patterns of phosphate rock direct application under several agroecological zones for rainfed lowland rice cultivation in West Africa

● Effect of rhizosphere soil addition on available phosphorus content in phosphate rock-enriched compost

■ Publications
● JARQ (Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly) Vol.55 No.3 July 2021

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