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Among the public relations activities of Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) is the issuance of press releases and other materials online. We also publish the JIRCAS News (ニュース, in Japanese) and Newsletter (in English) on a quarterly basis in print and online. Recently, we have begun distributing our online magazine (in English) via email. Called the "JIRCAS Mail Magazine," this quarterly e-magazine provides announcements, updates, and other information about JIRCAS’s research activities to people in a wide range of fields including scientists and college students. Registration and subscription are free of charge.

Information distributed through the mail magazine

  • Latest topics
  • Introduction of new technologies and research results
  • Events, seminars, workshops, and other information

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Receiving the mail magazine

  • We recommend that the mail magazine be downloaded and viewed on a personal computer.
  • Please be aware that using a mobile phone or smartphone to download and view the mail magazine could incur packet data charges.
  • Subscription to the mail magazine is free of charge. However, packet data charges (provider fees and communication charges, etc.) incurred by receiving the mails and downloading/viewing the magazine shall be borne by the subscriber. Also, please note that you cannot receive the magazine if your email address uses many/successive periods (e.g., user…name@yahoo.com) or if there is a period before "@" (e.g., username.@yahoo.com).
  • Furthermore, a subscriber whose email address has changed is required to register again. Also, please be informed that we will remove your email address from the subscriber list in case our email bounces twice (i.e., the mail magazine is undeliverable to the email address you have provided). Thank you for your understanding.


Handling of personal information

The subscribers’ personal information will only be used for carrying out the subscription service (i.e., for the registration procedure and mail magazine distribution only) and will not be used for any other purpose.

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