Research Highlights(2008)

Research Highlights
1. Development of extension system and improvement of the fuel block utilizing livestock droppings and waste coal powder in Mongolia.
2. The world’s first rural development project based on Afforestation and Reforestation CDM
3. Changes in distribution of paddy fields in the Heilongjiang Province of China detected using satellite data MODIS
4. Risk management of rice farmers against cool summer damage in Heilongjiang Province, China
5. Genotypic variation in response to elevated surface ozone in rice and genetic factors contributing to tolerance
6. Identification of quantitative trait locus (QTL) for salt tolerance in soybean
7. Identification of two novel proteins which negatively regulate plant drought stress response
8. A new international system of differentiating races of blast disease by using LTH monogenic lines in rice
9. Reaction differences of soybean varieties against Brazilian and Japanese soybean rust isolates
10. The “Fallow Band” System: A proposed new low-input technology option contributing both to the prevention of desertification and the increase of pearl millet yield in the Sahel, West Africa
11. Crotalaria is effective against nematode damage of chili in Southeast Asia
12. Fine mapping of a low tillering gene of rice
13. Abiotic factors cause gradual yield decline under continuous aerobic rice cultivation
14. Sustainable groundwater utilization map in the salt-affected area in Northeast Thailand
15. Relationship between surface runoffs and water levels in farm ponds in the sandy, sloping farmlands of Northeast Thailand
16. Protein requirements for maintenance of native beef cattle in Northeast Thailand
17. Improving the productivity of soybean and wheat by introducing the agropastoral system
18. Potential of old oil palm trunks as feedstock for Bioethanol
19. Direct ethanol production from cassava pulp using arming yeast co-displaying amylolytic, cellulolytic enzymes and s-glucosidase
20. Enhancing the antioxidant capacity of local vegetables by cultivation technique
21. Bacillus subtilis B2 derived from “Fermented Okara (a Chinese traditional food)” produce 1-deoxynojirimycin (an inhibitory compound on intestinal glucosidase)
22. Efficient techniques for growing indigenous tree species in combination with fast-growing trees
23. Seed production technique of indigenous prawn Macrobrachium yui in Laos on the basis of primary life-history traits
24. Intensive seed production of two Anabantoidei indigenous freshwater fishes in Laos
25. Management for the reduction of young king mandarin trees infected by citrus greening disease in the Mekong Delta Region
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