Research Highlights(2012)

Research Highlights
  1. Estimation of rice production in 1km mesh in Bangladesh using multiple regression analysis and GIS
  2. A projection method to estimate global warming impacts on vegetable production
  3. Near-isogenic lines carrying QTL for high spikelet number with the genetic background of IR64, an Indica-type rice variety
  4. Identification and characterization of biological nitrification inhibition (BNI) substances in sorghum root
  5. Registration of a biogas CDM project in Viet Nam with the UNFCCC CDM Executive Board (CDM-EB)
  6. Development of a guideline for the conservation and management of natural resources in Mali and Niger
  7. Local government-led support measures and technical assistance to settled nomads in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  8. Two cryptic species in the coconut hispine beetle, Brontispa longissima
  9. Pathogenic variation of soybean rust in South America
  10. Molecular markers enable identification of upland NERICA varieties
  11. Improvement of drought resistance of upland New Rice for Africa (NERICA) by expression of DREB1C
  12. Measuring the hydraulic gradient using a laser rangefinder
  13. Assessing the probability of land submergence for lowland rice cultivation in northern Ghana
  14. Topographic distribution of the soil total carbon content and sulfur deficiency for rice cultivation in a floodplain ecosystem of the Northern region of Ghana
  15. Identification of a gene that regulates growth under drought conditions in rice
  16. The protein kinase PSTOL1 from traditional rice confers tolerance of phosphorus deficiency
  17. Guideline on "On-farm mitigation measures against salinization under high groundwater level conditions"
  18. Influence analysis of climatic and input factors on maize yield in Hebei Province
  19. Cooking method affects antioxidant capacity and total phenolic content in basils
  20. Characterization of novel anaerobic alkalithermophilic, cellulolytic-xylanolytic bacteria
  21. Isolation of thermotolerant yeasts for a non-cooling fermentation system in tropical areas
  22. Non-sterilized bio-plastic production from oil palm sap using halophilic polyhydroxyalkanoate-producing bacteria
  23. Soil suitability map for teak plantation in the Northeast of Thailand
  24. Genetic diversity of the shrimp, Macrobrachium yui, indigenous to Laos
  25. Occurrence of causative dinoflagellates of paralytic shellfish poisoning in Selangor coast, Peninsular Malaysia
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