Research Highlights(2011)

Research Highlights
  1. Manual for growth promotion of dry season vegetables utilizing limited water resources
  2. Impacts of climate changes through variations of evapotranspiration on rice market and production capacity in the lower Mekong River Basin region
  3. Near-isogenic lines for days to heading with an Indica-type variety IR64 genetic background
  4. Manual for Improving Rice Production in Africa
  5. Indigenous organic resources for improving soil fertility in rice systems in Sub-Saharan Africa
  6. Simple and rapid measurements of photosynthetic activity in submerged rice by measuring chlorophyll fluorescence emissions
  7. Identification of cis-acting promoter elements in cold- and dehydration-induced transcriptional pathways in rice, soybean and Arabidopsis
  8. AZF1 and AZF2 proteins regulate plant growth under drought and salt stresses
  9. Soybean line carrying multiple resistance genes against soybean rust
  10. Multiline variety for rainfed lowland rice variety
  11. Stock management of the fluvial shrimp Macrobrachium yui indigenous to northern Laos based on life-history characteristics
  12. Effect of natural fermentation on the textural improvement of traditional fermented rice noodles
  13. Development of cellulose-degrading enzyme recycle system for reducing enzyme cost of saccharification
  14. Production of biodegradable plastic from oil palm sap
  15. Analyzing pollen dispersal of seraya (Shorea curtisii ) to promote healthy seed production to sustain forest regeneration
  16. The importance of large scale mangrove estuaries as feeding grounds for commercially important juvenile fishes
  17. Size measurement and nutritional condition evaluation methods in sandfish (Holothuria scabra Jaeger)
  18. Stock assessment and management of juvenile orange-spotted grouper (Epinephelus coioides) at a tropical mangrove brackish area in Peninsular Malaysia
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