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428. Global Nutrition Report 2021: N4G and the New Nutrition Accountability Framework

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The 2021 Global Nutrition Report was published on November 23, 2021. The Global Nutrition Report is an independent, data-driven assessment report that was born out of the 2013 Nutrition for Growth Summit (N4G). It plays an important role in encouraging action to improve nutrition by tracking progress towards international nutrition goals and commitments made at previous N4Gs, as well as evaluating and presenting a wide range of issues such as the global environmental impact of diets and funding for nutrition.

This year's report showed that progress in improving nutrition has been very slow, if not absent. The number of malnourished children remains very high (149.2 million are stunted), and no country is on track to control the increase in adult obesity (more than 40% of adults are overweight). Due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries will need to accelerate their efforts to meet international nutrition targets.

The people’s dietary habits have not improved in the past 10 years. For example, the intake of fruits and vegetables is about half of the recommended amount. The current diet is a major threat to human health and the planet, with diet-related deaths accounting for nearly a quarter of all adult deaths, and global food demand generating more than a third (35%) of greenhouse gas emissions.

The additional funding needed to meet nutrition targets has increased substantially, in part due to the pandemic. An average additional funding of US$10.8 billion is needed each year from 2022 to 2030 to meet the four targets on wasting, stunting, maternal anemia, and breastfeeding. If nutrition-sensitive as well as nutrition-specific needs are included, approximately US$39-50 billion per year will be needed. On the other hand, the total economic gains to society from investments in nutrition could reach US$5.7 trillion and US$10.5 trillion per year by 2030 and 2050, respectively.

Accurately measuring progress has been difficult, as only 29% of N4G commitments made in 2013 and 2017 met the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound) criteria. To address this, the Global Nutrition Report set up a new Nutrition Accountability Framework (NAF) in September 2021. This will be the world's first independent and comprehensive platform to manage and accelerate progress on the commitments.

On the eve of the Tokyo Nutrition for Growth (N4G) Summit 2021, JIRCAS, in collaboration with the FAO Liaison Office in Japan and supported by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), will host the Symposium Fruits and Vegetables– Research and Action Opportunities for Human and Planetary Health, as an official N4G side event.

Please register and join us!

Symposium: Fruits and Vegetables - Research and Opportunities for Human and Planetary Health
Program: https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/symposium/2021/e20211206 
Date & Time: December 6 (Mon), 2021 at 16:00-17:45 JST
Format: Online
Registration: Nov 15 (Mon) 09:00 - Dec 6 (Mon) 15:00 JST
URL: https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/symposium/2021/e20211206/entry

For inquiries, please contact the Information and Public Relations Office at:
Email: event-jircas@ml.affrc.go.jp
URL:  https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/form/inquiry


Global Nutrition Report. https://globalnutritionreport.org/reports/2021-global-nutrition-report/
Accessed on Nov 25.

Contributor: SHIRATORI Sakiko (Information and Public Relations Office)


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