Fermented pork or beef
Local name
Naang-moo Naang-neua Naang-wooa Naang-hooa-wooa Naang-hooa-moo Neua-som
Pork or lean beef. Salt, sugar or honey. Fermented bamboo shoot or fresh core of banana stem.
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 5-10 days.
Storage life: 1 month.
Production: In home industry in the South.
Properties: Grey solid for beef but light pink for pork. The taste is sour and salty with a characteristic aroma.
Lactobacillus sp., Lactobacillus plantarum
Pediococcus pentosaceus, Lactobacillus sp., Micrococcus sp., Bacillus sp.
1. Pork meat or lean beef and a small amount of skin are used. If parts of the head, especially the ear, are added, the product has a better taste. The meat and cooked skin are cut into long thin pieces and mixed well with salt in the ratio of about 10:1 by weight. The mixed ingredients are fermented for 2-3 days. Fermented bamboo shoot or the fresh core of banana stem (according to consumer preference) and sugar or honey are added, and mixed well. In some places at this step palm sugar and roasted rice are added. The mixed ingredients are packed in an earthenware jar or bowl. The container is covered with a lid or cloth and left under the shade to ferment for 5-10 days.
2. Only the head is used to make Naang-hooa-wooa and Naang-hooa-moo. It is washed, cleaned and then cut into small pieces. The salt is added, mixed in well and fermented in a bowl, usually for about one month. At that time if the producer wants to eat or sell the product, the remaining ingredients are added and mixed well. It is then left for further fermentation for 2 days.
Cook with coconut milk, lemongrass, shallots and chilli pepper, and eat as a main dish with cooked rice.