Local name
Sap of the flower spathe of the palmyra palm: Borassus flabellifer (Dtaan) or coconut palm: Cocos nucifera (Ma-prao)
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: More than one week to ferment and one week to mature
Storage life: Up to one week
Production: In the home, but it is now rare as it is illegal to make alcoholic drinks in the home. There is no industrial production.
Properties: A little cloudy, with a sweet and bitter taste.
Saccharomyces cerevisiae
1. Select a suitable flower spathe and slice off the stem 10-15 cm from the tip.
2. Collect the sap in a bamboo tube or tin can. To censure regular flow of sap a thin slice is removed from the cut end daily.
3. Pour the sap into an earthenware jar about 5-10 litres capacity. Add a small bundle of split wood of Ma-gleua tree (Diosyros mollis). Small pieces, about 3" long, of split wood are grilled over charcoal until they start to char. About 10 pieces are bound into a bundle and added to the sap when cool. Leave the sap for one or two weeks to ferment.
4. Fermentation is complete when the toddy has a sweet and a little bitter taste. The yeast growth on the TOP of the toddy can be lifted off and used to start another batch.
Use a bamboo tube to drink the wine from the bottom of the jar, without disturbing the yeast.