Pickled shallots
Local name
Fresh shallot bulbs: Allium ascalonicum (Horm). Salt, palm sugar, vinegar, rice wash water, coconut juice, water.
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 10 days.
Storage life: 1 month.
Production: In home industry.
Properties: Solid bulbs, sour, salty and slightly sweet taste with characteristic aroma.
No data.
1. Remove the roots of fresh shallot bulbs and cut the leaves, leaving the lower parts. Peel off the outer skin, wash the bulbs, and place in a glass jar.
2. For 2 kg of shallots, dissolve 2 parts (by volume) of salt and 1 part of sugar in 4 parts of boiled water. Add 1 part of vinegar, 2 parts of coconut juice and 6 parts of rice wash water. Mix all ingredients well, boil and cool. Add the liquid to the glass jar until it covers the shallot bulbs. Close the jar and leave under shade for 10 days to ferment.
Eat with Nam-prik.