Pickled lime
Local name
Limes: Citrus aurantifolia (Ma-nao). Salt.
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 15 days.
Storage life: 1 Year.
Production: In small scale industry.
Properties: Solid brown fruit, salty and sour taste, pleasant aroma.
No data.
1. Scrape the skin of the fresh limes (either green or yellow) to remove the oil-bearing cells which make the product bitter after fermentation. Steam at medium temperature until cooked, then place on a tray and sundry (a few days). Pack in a wide mouthed glass jar.
2. Dissolve 3 cups of salt (for 30 fruits) in water to make a very salty brine and boil. When cool cover the fruit. Close the jar and expose to sunlight everyday for 15 days to ferment, or until the solution is clear.
1. Eat as a main dish with soft boiled rice.
2. As an ingredient in many main dishes, especially certain kinds of soup.