Fermented djenkol bean
Local name
Djenkol bean: Pithecelobium jiringa (Look-niang). Salt, sugar (and in some places rice wash water).
Fish normally used:
Fermentation: 10 days.
Storage life: 2-3 months.
Production: In home industry.
Properties: Solid green beans in a turbid solution with a salty and slightly sweet taste.
No data.
1. Crack the brown kernels of Look niang and remove them.
2. Wash the beans and place them in a clean glass jar or bowl.
3. Dissolve salt (about 10% of the weight of the beans) and a small amount of sugar in water. Add to the bean, covering them. In some places rice-wash water is also added to get a better aroma, but the fermentation perios and storage life are shorter.
4. Close the lid and leave the beans under shade to ferment for 10 days.
Eat with Nam-prik.