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537. Palm Oil as Resource for Future Eco-life

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The JIRCAS Online Open House 2022 was held last month and the mini-lectures by research staff are archived on our YouTube channel. Today, we would like to introduce the mini-lecture entitled Palm Oil as Resource for Future Eco-life.

Due to the unstable international social situation, prices of food products continue to rise due to the global surge in prices of vegetable oil, grains, meat and other commodities. In particular, the price of vegetable oil has risen remarkably recently, and the raw material used for processing vegetable oils and fats is palm oil. In this mini lecture, we introduce the problems of palm oil in the palm industry and the efforts of JIRCAS for sustainable land use of palm plantations as a measure to improve the palm oil industry.

Please watch the video for more details.

Palm Oil as Resource for Future Eco-life


Contributor: UKE Ayaka (Biological Resources and Post-harvest Division)


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