Research Highlights(2007)

Research Highlights
1. The relationship between the cassava farmers-processors partnership and farmers’ productivity: A case study in Lampung Province, Indonesia.
2. Impacts of water cycle changes on the rice market in Cambodia
3. Genetic diversity of blast resistance in rice
4. Designation and classification system for blast races using new international differential varieties, monogenic lines
5. Flash flood tolerance of Asian rice, African rice and interspecific hybridization progeny, (NERICA)
6. Genetic transformation of NERICA by Agrobacterium method
7. An Arabidopsis histidine kinase AHK1 functions as an osmosensor and its overexpression improves plant drought-stress tolerance
8. Improvement of stress tolerance of rice plants utilizing stress-responsive promoters and transcription factors of rice
9. A New Sediment Catcher to Evaluate the Effect of Wind Erosion on Soil Fertility
10. Development and publication of metadata in research information for the Fakara area in the Sahel, West Africa
11. Pond water use planning tool for integrated farming
12. Estimation of nitrogen availability in infertile sandy soils in the tropical areas using UV absorbance of soil extracts
13. Metabolizable energy requirements for the maintenance of Brahman steers in Northeast Thailand
14. Two-stage ohmic heating of soymilk improve tofu’s physical property and yield
15. Ethanol and Lactic Acid Production from Oil Palm Trunks
16. Simple and rapid quantification method for gamma(γ)-aminobutyric acid in foods
17. Germplasm evaluation of Bacillus subtilis strains in Thua nao, a traditional fermented soybean food in northern Thailand
18. Ecological characteristics of mangrove hyperbenthos in the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia
19. A newly developed co-culture system between the giant tiger prawn and two species of algae
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公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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