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JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 40 (February 2023)

February 20 was “Quinoa Day” in Japan.

The Pick Up article titled "Quinoa Day ~JIRCAS Contribution in Quinoa Research~” explained about recent research results.

■ Latest Topics
● Call for nominations for the Japan International Award for Young Agricultural Researchers (Japan Award)
Three awardees will each receive a testimonial from the Chairman of the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Research Council (AFFRC) and an incentive grant of US$5,000.

● Project Leader Marcy Wilder Wins Japan Prize of Agricultural Science / Yomiuri Prize of Agricultural Science
Dr. Marcy N. WILDER, Project Leader of the Fisheries Division, received the award for her research on "Physiological and biochemical research on commercially-important shrimp species and applications to the development of new aquaculture technology”

● Video on Environmental Conservation and Efforts to Prevent Red Soil Runoff in Okinawa Now Available
The video presented by Okinawa Pref. at last year's international meeting to share knowledge on how to balance agricultural production and environmental conservation in tropical islands video has been made available with English subtitles and can be viewed on the JIRCAS YouTube channel.

● Delegation from the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore in Japan Visits Plant Factory
The technological development of plant factory adapted to the Asia Monsoon region for efficient production of strawberries and tomatoes is attracting attention overseas.

● SATREPS Project Representatives from Bolivia Visit JIRCAS to Strengthen Cooperation
The SATREPS Project "Strengthening of Resilience in Arid Agro-Ecosystems Vulnerable to Climate Change, Through Research on Plant Resources and Technological Applications” was launched in 2020 and the collaborators from Bolivia visited JIRCAS to strengthen cooperation.

● JIRCAS Exhibit at SAT Technology Showcase 2023
Two young researchers from JIRCAS gave poster presentations respectively on “Research on gene functional analysis of super crop quinoa using virus vectors" and “Analysis of genetic diversity of hyuna, a traditional Asian vegetable".

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs
● Information on the genetic diversity in agronomic traits of Thai /Erianthus/ germplasm under multiple ratooning systems
Ratooning, a cultivation practice in which sugarcane is regenerated from the original stubble that remains in the soil after harvest, is important from the standpoint of management and environmental conservation because it does not require replanting. The agronomic traits related to biomass productivity under multiple ratooning systems of /Erianthus/, which is attracting attention as a biomass fuel, was investigated to explore breeding materials that can be used as biomass crops in the future.

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