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JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 35 (September 2022)

The FAO Science Innovation Forum will be held on October 13 (Thu), 2022.
JIRCAS is pursuing various activities to accelerate scientific innovation through joint research and information dissemination, and will host a side-event at this forum.
We look forward to your participation.

■ FAO Science and Innovation Forum 2022 Side-event
"Creating Sustainable Food Systems in Asia Monsoon Region through Science and Innovation"
● Date & Time : October 13 (Thu), 2022  18:00~19:30 (JST)
● Program & Registration : https://www.jircas.go.jp/en/event/2022/e20221013
● Language : English
● Deadline of registration : October 12 (Wed) 17:00 (JST)

■ Latest Topics
● Ceremony for the Completion of the SATREPS Madagascar Project
The Minister of Agriculture and Livestock of Madagascar presented a letter of appreciation to Project Leader Tsujimoto.
The ceremony was reported by 19 TV, newspaper, and radio stations as well as the official social networking service sites and website of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

● TICAD 8 Side-Event “Managing African Soil for Food Security and Environmental Sustainability”
The event is available for streaming at the JIRCAS YouTube channel.

● Visit of Vietnam’s Plant Protection Research Institute, Head of Pathology & Phyto-Immunology Department and Researcher to JIRCAS
JIRCAS is collaborating with the Plant Protection Research Institute of Vietnam on the development of control technology for rice planthoppers.

● JIRCAS Received Recognition Award at the Thailand National Science and Technology Fair 2022
The trophy was presented in recognition of JIRCAS contribution to science and technology education in Thailand.

● Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki Senior High School Students Visit JIRCAS
Lectures were given on sustainable management and propagation of fisheries resources, and opinions were exchanged on the future of fisheries and the impact of ocean acidification on the fishing industry.

■ New Technologies and Research Outputs
On September 29, 2022, Dr. KONDO Toshiaki, Senior Researcher of the Biological Resources and Post-harvest Division, will give a presentation at the Science Council of Japan online public symposium on “Problems and Challenges of Sustainable Development of Oil Palm Plantations in Southeast Asia”.
Therefore, we would like to introduce the results of JIRCAS research on oil palm.

● Effect of conventionally decomposed oil palm trunks on the soil environment
When crops were grown in soil mixed with fiber from old oil palm trees, poor growth was observed, indicating that the conventional return of oil palm to farmland is not good for the soil environment.

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