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IFRPD Innovative Food Festival



To celebrate the 72nd anniversary of Kasetsart University, Thailand, the Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD) of Kasetsart University hosted the “IFRPD Innovative Food Festival” on September 9-11, 2014 in Bangkok. As a collaborative research institute, JIRCAS participated into the festival. In the festival site, IFRPD established the “Research Open Market” to showcase its research results. A special booth was set up to display rice nuggets with functional components which were collaboratively developed by JIRCAS and IFRPD. The festival attracted thousands of visitors to participate. They enjoyed tasting various kinds of foods exhibited in this event including rice nuggets and watched “Thai iron chef” live demos of creative cuisines, which were also offered for tasting, by using two processed foods (vegetable protein sheet and low-salt soup stock) newly developed by IFRPD. The festival offered an opportunity for visitors to experience research outcomes.

  • JIRCAS exhibition booth Booth displayed rice nuggets with functional components developed by JIRCAS
  • visitors enjoy food tasting Visitors enjoyed rice nugget tasting
  • creative cuisine demo Creative cuisine demo by “Thai iron chaf”

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