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JIRCAS in DOA Open House



As a site-event on the annual general meeting of the Department of Agriculture (DOA), Thailand, the exhibition called “DOA Open House” was held at the Bangkok headquarter of DOA on May 29-31. JIRCAS took part in this year’s exhibition and presented the research outcomes from the cooperative projects with DOA (Climate change response project, Tropical field crop development project, Integrated pest management project and Indochina rural livelihood improvement project) by posters, distributed publications and showed JIRCAS introduction video. Beside presentations about researches, the open house included exhibition, tasting and sale of agricultural products developed by DOA. A lot of researchers and public visitors participated in the exhibition. JIRCAS booth received many visitors, and JIRCAS staffs responded to various inquiries from the visitors regarding the exhibition contents. They also provided technique consultation to farmers who came to the JIRCAS booth.

  • Opening remark from DOA General Opening remark from DOA General
  • JIRCAS booth JIRCAS booth
  • Explanation of exhibition contents to visitors Explanation of exhibition contents to visitors

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