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218. Scientists Call for Strengthening Climate Change Adaptation Measures

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As greenhouse gas emissions accelerate, the frequency of extreme weather events such as intense droughts, wildfires, heat waves, floods, devastating cyclones, and typhoons is increasing, and scientists point out that these phenomena are caused by anthropogenic economic activities. Researchers around the world have appealed to world leaders to strengthen economic stimulus measures for climate change adaptation.

The Climate Adaptation Summit 2021 will be held online on January 25-26, 2021, hosted by the Netherlands. Taking this opportunity, 5 Nobel Laureates and more than 3000 scientists from over 100 countries signed up to the Groningen Science Declaration calling on world leaders, decision-makers and investors to change the way to understand, plan and invest for a changing climate.

Long-term climate change costs and prospects for climate change investment play important roles in policymaking to increase momentum for climate change adaptation measures. JIRCAS participates in a research group led by the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO) that estimates the adaptation cost and residual damage for global production of four major crops, using a global gridded crop model and empirical production cost models, emphasizing the need to curb the progress of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and to consider measures such as changes in cultivated crops and the development of irrigation facilities. JIRCAS also works with domestic research institutes and partners in developing countries to conduct basic research that will lead to the development of super crops that are resistant to adverse environments, as well as poor soils and unstable production environments during the growing season, and contribute to climate change adaptation through technological development.


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Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Research Strategy Office)


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