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534. Various Types of Rice ~Rich Rice Culture in Asia

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The JIRCAS Online Open House 2022 was held last month. The mini-lectures by research staff are archived on our YouTube channel. Today, we would like to introduce "Various Types of Rice: Rich Rice Culture in Asia". 

We are too familiar with rice; its different varieties, how to eat it, and how to use it may differ depending on the country or region, and Asia has a diverse food culture. Along with wheat and corn, rice is one of the world's three major grains, accounting for 26% of grain production. In 2020, rice milling-based production was 506 million tons, and 114 countries worldwide produced rice, with 89% of the total production in Asia. China and India, the two major rice-producing countries, produce more than half. 

JIRCAS has conducted a lot of research on rice variety development, pest control, supply and demand issues, processing, utilization, etc.

Please watch the video for more details.

Various Types of Rice: Rich Rice Culture in Asia

Contributor: CHIEN Fumika (Social Sciences Division)


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