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286. Science and Technology and the Food System

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On April 26-28, 2021, the Nobel Prize Summit was held online. In the opening session, eminent researchers sounded the alarm over the current climate crisis and biodiversity loss, and noted that humanity has overcome the crisis of resource depletion and environmental destruction in the past through science and technology. It was mentioned that until the "Green Revolution", many lives were lost due to famine, but now the global food supply is being met to the extent that many people tend to overeat which can lead to many health problems. Scientists expressed optimism for science in solving the climate and biodiversity crises, and stressed the importance of action and collaboration in the next decade.

The slogan of the summit, "Our planet, our future," also coincides with the JIRCAS mission to solve global food and environmental problems. In the mini-special lecture Food System, Science and Technology for the Future of the Earth and Food presented at the JIRCAS Online Open House, which was held recently in conjunction with the Science and Technology Week, the necessary actions for planetary health were discussed based on the development of the food system and science and technology since the 20th century. The video is available below.

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Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Director, Information Program)