ONLINE Science and Technology Week


Special Mini-Lectures : IIYAMA Miyuki, MAENO Koutaro
(JIRCAS Online Open House 2021)
パネルディスカッション「変わりゆくアフリカ ~研究者が現地で見たアフリカの農業・食料~」(国際農研令和4年度一般公開)
Panel Discussion : Changing Africa ~ Field Researchers' Views on Agriculture and Food in Africa ~
(JIRCAS Online Open House 2022)
FUKUTA Yoshimichi : Utilization of Indica-type rice varieties ~Awamori, Okinawan liquor, and aromatic rice~
(The 15th TARF Open House (Online) Special Mini-Lecture, 2021)


【NEW】KOBAYASHI Shintaro : What kind of place is your home, the Asia-Monsoon Region? Characteristics, Challenges, and International Cooperation
【NEW】KOBORI Yoichi : What type of research is required to protect our crops from transboundary insect pests?
NISHIGAKI Tomohiro : What soil color can teach us
ATSUI Kayo : Watering kills plants! Salt damage in arid areas
OTAKA Junnosuke : Let's remove excessive fertilizer to build a healthy planet !
川の健康診断 ところ変われば「川」変わる?!
KIKUCHI Tetsuro : Health checkup for rivers: So many countries, so many ‘rivers’?!
NAGATOSHI Yukari : Can the superfood “quinoa" save the world?
食べたら双子が生まれる? 西アフリカのヤムイモの秘密
MURANAKA Satoru : Eating yams will give you twins? The secret of West African yams
MARUI Junichiro : Joint research on delicious and useful fermented food
雑草魂で挑む! 東南アジアのエビ養殖研究
TSUTSUI Isao : Diehard spirit challenge! Shrimp farming research in Southeast Asia
TERAJIMA Yoshifumi:Cultivation and utilization of sugarcane and its potential
OKAMOTO Ken:Cultivation and utilization of sugarcane and its potential
MATSUDA Hiroshi:Cherimoya, Forest ice cream ~Possibility of cultivation in Ishigaki Island~
UKE Ayaka : Palm Oil as the Base Resource for Future Eco-life
KAWAI Kiyosada : Knowing Trees and Creating Forests - Challenges in Southeast Asia
NAMBU Ryogen : Increase Sea Cucumbers in the Oceans of the World ! 
TSUJIMOTO Yasuhiro : The Challenge of Increasing Rice Production in the Harsh Environment of Africa
SARR Papa Saliou : Realizing Earth-friendly Agriculture with the Power of Microorganisms
世界の水は、つながっている SDGsとアフリカ農業用水
OKA Naoko : Water connects you and Africa ~ SDGs and Agricultural Water Use
CHIEN Fumika : Various Types of Rice ~ Rich Rice Culture in Asia
TAKARAGAWA Takuo : Photosynthesis and transpiration measurements in sugarcane and tropical crops
KOBAYASHI Nobuya:Trivial story of a “rice variety”
MATSUDA Taishi:“Sapodilla”, a tropical fruit that looks like a potato and tastes like dried persimmon??
TAKENAKA Koichi:Usage of Sugarcane Residue - Mixing Bagasse for Nurturing Saplings for Afforestation
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