Potential and Efficiency of Underused Agricultural and Fishery Resources in Laos

JIRCAS Working Report
ISSN 1341710X
書誌レコードID(総合目録DB) AA11159468
Potential and Efficiency of Underused Agricultural and Fishery Resources in Laos



Section I: Productivity improvement and value addition of lowland/upland rice

  1. Key agronomic traits for variety selection by farmers in upland rice systems of Lao
    Hidetoshi Asai, Pheunphit Soisouvanh
  2. Toward efficient farm management with remote sensing technologies in lowland rice fields in Laos
    Kensuke Kawamura, Hiroshi Ikeura, Naruo Matsumoto, Hidetoshi Asai, Sengthong Phongchanmixay, Phanthasin Khanthavong, Soukasdachanh Souvannasing, Thavone Inthavong
  3. Soil–water conditions and efficient fertilization strategies to increase rice grain yield in rainfed lowland fields in Savannakhet Province
    Hiroshi Ikeura, Sengthong Pongchanmixay, Amphone Chomxaythong, Bounson Bounyavong, Phanthasin Khanthavong, Thanouphone Khanthavong, Naruo Matsumoto, Kensuke Kawamura, Laeh Homsengchanh, Somphone Inkhamseng
  4. Current status of paddy field agriculture and efficient water use in existing reservoirs for fish aquaculture in a semi-mountainous village in Vientiane Province, Laos
    Hiroshi Ikeura, Toshihiko Anzai, Amphone Chomxaythong, Khaykeo Keokhampui, Salermphon Phonsangone, Phetyasone Xaypanya, Sengthong Pongchanmixay, Somphone Inkhamseng, Somnuck Soubat, Haruyuki Fujimaki

Section II: Agricultural management in mountainous slope area

  1. Soil suitability map for planted teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) stand growth in the mountainous area of northern Lao People’s  Democratic Republic
    Akihiro Imaya, Simone Vongkhamho, Phutthavong Sikhot
  2. Collections and genetic diversity analyses of SSR markers for mango native genetic resources in Lao PDR
    Shinsuke Yamanaka, Tatsushi Ogata, Phaythoune Mounsena, Nouphone Khamsomphou, Hiroshi Matsuda, Bounneaung Douangboupha

Section III Nutritional improvement in rural areas and value addition of fishes

  1. Padaek distribution and business management in Vientiane capital, Lao PDR
    Katsumi Hasada, Phonesanith Phonhnachith, Phonevilay Sinavong, Manivanh Phimphachanvongsod, Shintaro Kobayashi, Junichiro Marui
  2. Assessment of food access in Laos from macro and micro perspectives
    Katsumi Hasada, Souny Phomdouangsy, Phonevilay Sinavong, Phonesanith Phonhnachith, Manivanh Phimphachanvongso
  3. Assessment of usage and fermentation-related components of pa daek, a salt-fermented freshwater fish paste, for household use in a semi-mountainous village in Laos
    Junichiro Marui, Katsumi Hasada, Souphachay Phoupasouk, Sayvisene Boulom
  4. Fermentation period-dependent changes of lactic and amino acid concentrations in pa daek, a salt-fermented freshwater fish paste in Laos
    Junichiro Marui, Yethao Giavang, Souphachay Phoupasouk, Yanglao Yialee, Sayvisene Boulom
  5. Nutritional analysis of freshwater fish and shellfish for improving human nutrition in rural area in Laos
    Kaori Fujita, Philavanh Boutsavath, Xaypunya Mahathilath

Section IV: Sustainable aquaculture and fisheries

  1. A study on larval rearing of the local freshwater shrimp, Macrobrachium dolatum, in Laos: a potential target species for aquaculture
    Tomoyuki Okutsu, Aloun Khounthongbang, Phonenaphet Chanthasone, Phoutsamone Phommachan, Sayaka Ito
  2. Importance of resources of small-sized fishes as fundamental components of food resources and fish diversity in Lao PDR
    hinsuke Morioka, Bounsong Vongvichith 
  3. Technical achievements of indigenous fish aquaculture in rice-paddy and pond in rural areas of Lao PDR: summarized results obtained by the JIRCAS-LARReC project
    Bounsong Vongvichith, Shinsuke Morioka
作成者 Shinsuke Morioka Katsumi Hasada Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences National Agriculture and Forestry Research Institute (NAFRI) National University of Laos (NUoL), Vientiane, Lao P.D.R.
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
国立情報学研究所メタデータ主題語彙集(資源タイプ) Technical Report