Importance of resources of small-sized fishes as fundamental components of food resources and fish diversity in Lao PDR

JIRCAS Working Report
ISSN 1341710X
書誌レコードID(総合目録DB) AA11159468
Growth, reproduction, and lifespan were reviewed in three indigenous small-sized fishes in Lao PDR belonging to different taxa, Parambassis siamensis (Ambassidae), Rasbora rubrodorsalis (Cyprinidae), and Clupeichthys aesarnensis (Clupeidae). All three species were estimated to have short lifespans (< one year) and breed throughout the year with plural generation alternations within a year. Environment in high temperature accelerated initial growth in all species. In C. aesarnensis, while higher temperature was considered to lead to earlier maturation and downsizing of maturation size, evolutionary downsizing owing to overfishing was of another concern. As the recent economic development and population growth within the country has led to an increase in fish demand and deterioration of the environment, all the species are considered to be in danger of stock decline. Therefore, in the present study, some ideas for stock managements for these species based on biological aspects are discussed.
作成者 hinsuke Morioka Bounsong Vongvichith
公開者 Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
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国立情報学研究所メタデータ主題語彙集(資源タイプ) Technical Report
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