【JIRCAS Mail Magazine, Apr】 Discovery of a Gene that Increases Rice Yield

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JIRCAS Mail Magazine No. 42 (April 2023)

Discovery of Koshihikari-Derived Gene that Increases Rice Yield

When this gene was introduced into indica rice, yields increased under high CO2 conditions.
It is expected to contribute to stable, high-yielding rice production in Japan and abroad under climate change.

■ Latest Topics
● Technology Catalog for Asia-Monsoon Region Released
Based on the research results of JIRCAS and the National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), this catalog presents technologies that could contribute to the areas identified in the “Sustainable Food System Strategy MIDORI”, such as the reduction of greenhouse gases and chemical fertilizers.

● Widespread Use of “P-dipping” Technology for Paddy Rice Fertilization
More than 3,000 farmers in Madagascar have adopted the technology, and new investments have begun, including the procurement of 50 tons of phosphorus fertilizer using the same technology.

● Report of the Seminar on Promotion of Resource Recycling in Ishigaki Now Available
A report of the seminar on "The Forefront of Agricultural Research for the Promotion of Resource Recycling in Ishigaki” held in November 2022 is now available.
Also included are answers to questions about the nitrogen cycle, fertilizer application methods, sugarcane cultivation, and soil and earthworms.

■ Awards
● Researcher Muraoka and Colleagues Win Best Paper Award at the 11th ASAE International Conference
Dr. MURAOKA Rie (Researcher,  Social Sciences Division) and her colleagues won the Best Paper Award (3rd prize) for their research entitled "Sustainable Intensification of Maize Farming in Kenya: Evidence from a Longitudinal Smallholder Survey” presented at the 11th International Conference of the Asian Society of Agricultural Economics (ASAE) held in Tokyo on March 18-20, 2023.

● Project Leader Tsujimoto et al. Win Japanese Society of Crop Science Best Paper Award
Dr. TSUJIMOTO Yasuhiro and colleagues received the 20th Japanese Society of Crop Science Best Paper Award for the paper entitled "AZ-97 (Oryza sativa ssp. Indica) exhibits superior biomass production by maintaining the tiller numbers, leaf width, and leaf elongation rate under phosphorus deficiency".

■ Announcement
● JIRCAS Fellowship 2023
Call for JIRCAS Visiting Research Fellowship Program FY2023 is now open
Application deadline: June 9 (Fri)

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