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104. Science: Ecology and Economics for Pandemic Prevention

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On July 24, 2020, the article "Ecology and economics for pandemic prevention" was published in Science Magazine. This paper evaluates the cost of monitoring and preventing disease outbreaks due to extensive loss and fragmentation of tropical forests, and the flourishing wildlife trade. Analysis shows that the costs associated with precautionary measures are far less than the economic and mortality costs associated with countering these pathogens. The full article can be accessed at the link below.

On the other hand, Reuters reported on August 1, 2020 that the number offires in the world's largest rainforest, the Amazon, increased by 28% in July from last year, which could indicate a repeat of last year's worst environmental record. 


Andrew P. Dobson, et al. Ecology and economics for pandemic prevention Science  24 Jul 2020: Vol. 369, Issue 6502, pp. 379-381 

Reuters Fires in Brazil's Amazon rainforest surge in July, worst in recent days. Jake Spring.  August 1, 2020 


Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Research Strategy Office)