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74. World Bank - Harnessing the Potential of Digital Technologies for All

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In June 2020, the World Bank and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) released a report entitled “The Future of Work in Africa: Harnessing the Potential of Digital Technologies for All” as a companion to the World Development Report 2019 on the Changing Nature of Work. The report discussed how global trends particularly the adoption of digital technology may change the nature of work in Sub-Saharan Africa by creating new opportunities and challenges. Although there are global fears of worker displacement by new technologies, African countries can develop an inclusive future of work, with opportunities for lower-skilled workers. However, whether this opportunity is used or not depends on the development of policy environment and productive investment in the following four areas: (1) enabling inclusive digital technologies; (2) building human capital for a young, rapidly growing and largely low-skilled labor force; (3) increasing the productivity of informal workers and enterprises; and (4) extending social protection coverage to mitigate the risks associated with disruptions to labor markets.



Choi, Jieun; Dutz, Mark; Usman, Zainab. 2020. The Future of Work in Africa : Harnessing the Potential of Digital Technologies for All. Africa Development Forum. Washington, DC: World Bank. © World Bank. 

Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Research Strategy Office)

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