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650. JIRCAS Research Collaborator Receives 2022 IFA Emerging Scholar Award

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Dr. Jean-Martial Johnson, affiliated with the Africa Rice Center, one of the CGIAR centers, has received the 2022 IFA Emerging Scholar Award.
The International Fertilization Association (IFA) has granted the IFA Norman Borlaug Plant Nutrition Award to a person whose research or extension work has led to significant advances in crop nutrition since 1993. In 2021, the IFA Emerging Scholar Award has been added to recognize a young researcher whose work is expected to make a major contribution in the future.
Since 2011, Dr. Johnson has been working with Dr. Kazuki Saito, researcher at the Africa Rice Center and visiting scientist at the JIRCAS, to develop a database of soil and rice nutritional status in major rice-growing regions in more than 20 African countries. The data has been used in several publications [1] and the database is also used in soil maps developed recently [2]. Currently, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Saito are collaborating with JIRCAS researchers to construct a database of chemical fertilizer application in rice fields in various regions of Africa. Some of the results were presented at the Global Symposium on Soils for Nutrition last year [3] and a paper is now in preparation for publication.


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Contributor: Kazuki SAITO (Social Sciences Division, JIRCAS and Africa Rice Center)