The JIRCAS Open Data initiative was awarded the “Public LOD Award” at the Linked Open Data Challenge Japan 2018 organized by the LOD Challenge Japan Executive Committee.

The LOD Challenge is an annual competition that recognizes outstanding achievements in linked open data in 5 categories such as dataset, applications, data analysis, new idea and basic technology, with the aim of creating new values by connecting open data. 

In order to contribute to the efforts of open data promoted by the government, JIRCAS has released information published on the official website as open data in August 2018 in a form that can be easily reused. Currently, JIRCAS activities, reports, events and symposiums, publications can be downloaded in CSV and JSON-LD format.

These efforts at JIRCAS were highly evaluated as a guideline for promoting open data by public institutions other than local governments. The awarding ceremony will be held at the Yahoo! Japan’s LODGE in Chiyoda, Tokyo on December 8, 2018.