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530. The 2022 Global Report on Food Crises

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On May 4, the 2022 Global Report on Food Crises (GRFC 2022) was jointly released by the Global Network Against Food Crisis and the Food Security Information Network (FSIN), comprising UN agencies, the European Union, and others. 

The report finds that in 2021, almost 193 million people across 53 countries and territories faced an immediate food security crisis, an increase of nearly 40 million people from the previous year, and expresses concern that the food security crisis has risen over the past six years.

Most of the countries facing food crises are in areas of protracted conflict, but an increasing number of countries and regions are also affected by economic crises and extreme weather events that are becoming increasingly frequent and severe.

The food security crisis is expected to worsen further in 2022. In particular, the war in Ukraine is expected to cause widespread destruction of infrastructure and livelihoods, forcing the exodus of millions of Ukrainians, with major consequences at the regional and global levels, and to bring challenges to many countries that rely on Ukraine and Russia for wheat and fertilizer supplies.

Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Director, Information Program)

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