Development of Multipurpose Robot for Vegetable Production

JARQ : Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly
ISSN 00213551
書誌レコードID(総合目録DB) AA0068709X

The objective of these studies was to develop a multipurpose intelligent robot for vegetable production. Many of the vegetable-producing operations are presently performed by human labor, because they need to be carried out selectively. In this study, the robot which consisted mainly of a rectangular manipulator, a traveling device and computer (80286 CPU) was constructed on an experimental basis. The outline of the robot and its application to transplanting, weed control and harvesting for several leafy vegetables in the hill space are reported. Two types of transplanting and harvesting hands were tested. Weed location was determined by processing color images, and the weeds were removed with a blade constructed experimentally. As a result, it was shown that 1) cabbage and spinach seedlings could be transplanted with a hand constructed on an experimental basis, 2) weeds could be accurately determined and 3) leafy vegetables like spinach could be harvested with the hand with reciprocating knives.

作成者 Makoto DOHI
国立情報学研究所メタデータ主題語彙集(資源タイプ) Journal Article
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