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Soil Fauna Survey on the Long-term Experimental Field in Thailand by IAME



In order to evaluate the impact of organic farming on soil, Institute for Agriculture, Medicine, and Environment (IAME) has been conducting the research on biodiversity of soil in Japan and Thailand. On July 19, 2014, IAME survey team visited the Lop Buri Agriculture Research and Developmental Center of Department of Agriculture (DOA), Thailand, and carried out a soil fauna survey in the experimental field. Since 1976, JIRCAS and DOA have been cooperatively implementing a long-term soil experiment to understand the effects of continuous use of organic matters and crop rotation in Thailand. This time, the team of IAME collected soil samples from the JIRCAS-DOA long-term soil experimental field, and classified and counted soil animals in these samples. Until now, there are few reports about the biodiversity in farmlands which are managed by organic farming systems and other sustainable systems in subarctic and tropical regions. It is expected that the survey can bring us valuable data on the relationship of biodiversity and sustainable agriculture.

IAME survey team in experimental field IAME survey team in experimental field

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