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The 1st International Symposium on Microbial Technology for Food and Energy Security



JIRCAS has been implementing various research projects on microbial technology, such as "Advanced application of local food resources in Asia" and "Development of biofuel and biomaterial production technologies using biomass resources in Southeast Asia". In order to promote exchange and share of technical information obtained from these projects and related researches, the 1st international symposium on microbial technology for food and energy security: Microbialtech 2013 was held on November 25~26, 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, which is jointly organized by JIRCAS and Kasetsart University. More than 150 researchers from seven countries participated into this symposium. Focusing on microbial technology for food and energy security, the participants actively involved in presentation and discussion. The researchers from JIRCAS Southeast Asia Office also made a poster presentation about the survey results on the current states and problems of Thai traditional ferment food production and marketing, such as Khanom-jeen (fermented rice noodle), Khao-mak (fermented glutinous rice), and Pla-ra (fermented fish).

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