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216. Market Access and Dietary Diversity

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For smallholder farmers in low and middle-income countries, who make up a significant proportion of the undernourished population, dietary diversity is important for a balanced and adequate intake of the nutrients they need. A systematic review paper published in Global Food Security shows that improved market access is effective in improving a farm household’s dietary quality, while showing a positive association between access to markets and dietary diversity. However, the evidences are from a few countries in Africa and the authors emphasized the need  for further research to conclude that improving market access is an effective pathway to improve a farm household’s dietary quality.

JIRCAS is conducting research for technological development and policy recommendations towards the improvement of agricultural systems.  In addition to the development of crop cultivation technology, we also analyze the channels that affect the nutrition of farmers through surveys on diets of rural households in Africa and Asia.  


Nandi R., Nedumaran, S., and Ravula P. (2021) “The interplay between food market access and farm household dietary diversity in low and middle income countries: A systematic review of literature.” Global Food Security  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.gfs.2020.100484
accessed on Jan 18, 2021.

Contributor: SHIRATORI Sakiko (Research Strategy Office)