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186. Climate Crisis Highlights the Need for a Multi-scale, Multi-disciplinary and Multinational Approach

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The editorial article in the November 2020 issue of Nature Climate Change stated that although the field of ecology deals with studies on the impact of humans on the natural world, the ongoing climate crisis brings a new sense of urgency as it affects all organisms ranging from microbes to megafauna. The article also pointed out the need to take a multi-scale, multi-disciplinary and multinational approach in tackling the climate crisis.

In addressing global problems, JIRCAS is developing breeding and cultivation technologies using the latest tools, and promoting the development of agricultural technologies to counteract the impact of climate change particularly in developing countries.

The editorial articlew is available at:

Climate connections. Nat. Clim. Chang. 10, 973 (2020). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41558-020-00947-x 


Contributor: IIYAMA Miyuki (Research Strategy Office)